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NCMA is excited to offer a unique opportunity to share your thought leadership and industry expertise through a sponsored content opportunity in Contract Management Magazine.

CM Magazine is the premier periodical in the field of government and commercial contract-related business and reaches more than 20,000 readers with each issue. NCMA’s membership relies on CM Magazine for education and information on industry topics, including compliance, contracting tools, legislation, state and local contracting, subcontract management, technology, and more!

Contract management professionals trust CM Magazine as a key information source. Join us in providing unique insight by purchasing a sponsored content feature.

“Perspectives,” CM Magazine’s sponsored content column:

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2 pages
$6,500 - No ad, offers two pages of content, with a max 800 word count.

    4 pages with display ad
    $10,000 - Includes ad, offers three pages of content and one display ad page, with a max 1,300 word count.


    Issue Date Space Deadline Art Deadline
    December 2017 9/15/17 9/29/17
    January 2018 10/13/17 10/24/17
    February 2018 11/13/17 11/24/17
    March 2018 12/12/17 12/26/17
    April 2018 1/12/18 1/26/18
    May 2018 2/16/18 2/28/18
    June 2018 3/16/18 3/30/18
    July 2018 4/13/18 4/27/18
    August 2018 5/18/18 6/1/18
    September 2018 6/15/18 6/29/18
    October 2018 7/13/18 7/27/18
    November 2018 8/17/18 8/31/18
    December 2018 9/14/18 9/2818

    CM Magazine Sponsored Content Submission Guidelines:

    • Article must be submitted in final format; NCMA retains the right to edit and approve content before publishing.
    • Submissions should also include Author Name and biographical notes, such as organization and job title, industry certifications, speciality areas, and awards. Contact information may also be supplied.
    • Text content should be submitted as a Word doc; graphic/art (if any) should be submitted as TIF, EPS, or PDF.  Images and artwork may be included but must be supplied by advertiser along with any design/layout requests. Images should be 300 dpi.
    • NCMA will lay out article using a sponsored content template, so content will be labeled as sponsored.
    • NCMA will edit the article to ensure the content fits within the magazine’s specifications/style and also proof for spelling/grammar errors.
    • Advertiser will be provided a final review PDF proof to approve, showing the piece fully edited and in layout. This proof sent out during author proof review stage of production and due back to NCMA on deadline (typically 3 business days for review).
    • Ads promoting events that are within 60 days of NCMA events may not be accepted.
    • Ads using NCMA brand colors may not be accepted.